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Eastern Philosophical Concepts in Spinoza’s Pantheism & Ethics

My recent article featured on Medium: https://medium.com/@diogenesofmayberry/eastern-philosophical-concepts-in-spinozas-pantheism-ethics-b16ac11439bc

Nadler (1999, pp. 109, 242) cited the influence of Greek Stoicism on Spinoza’s thoughts, based on his education and books found in his personal library. However, to the reader unfamiliar with the Greeks but with a basic understanding of Eastern philosophies, the Buddhist thought in Spinoza is readily apparent; it practically jumps off the page and begs to be acknowledged. Schopenhauer (1909, p. 13 footnote 1) noted the connection: ‘The banks of the sacred Ganges were their [Bruno and Spinoza] spiritual home; there they would have led a peaceful and honoured life among men of like mind.’


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