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I have journeyed through the entire spectrum of belief from moderate Christian, to born-again, back to moderate, to agnostic and finally, within the past 10 years, to confirmed atheist. Raised in a moderate Christian family with regular attendance in church as a child, indoctrinated in a Baptist school for two years, and worked alongside evangelical Christians in Kansas for five years. I prefer to think of myself as a humorous humanist, rather than a raging atheist. I am also a certified scuba instructor and a passionate marine environmentalist.

A writer of satire and a fan of history, these two passions came together in 2009 and led me down the path to write my historical nonfiction book, Manifest Insanity: Or…How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Think for Myself.

About my pseudonym:

Diogenes of Sinope was a famous cynic disdainful of human stupidity. During the 2008 McCain-Obama election, the Republicans went on, ad nauseum, about wholesome small-town American values, and so, I am became the cynic of that iconic bastion of rural American ideals, Mayberry RFD.


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